Saturday, May 12, 2007

TV Networks Aired Fake Video of Cartoon Planes Hitting the WTC

Save America - watch the 911 Media Hoax Again

1. Open up a browser.
3. Search phrase: 'September 11th as it happened.......'

From here you will see links to TV news segments that were aired on ABC, CBS and CNN. They're organized in ten-minute segments. Watch these news reports with the idea that the planes are fake.

Listen to the eyewitnesses: Is it possible they are all actors? Doesn't everyone seem very rehearsed?

Finally, visit if you want to read about the many logical problems with the video the TV networks aired on 9/11/01.

September 11th as it happened... ( ABC - Part 1 )

September 11th as it happened... ( ABC - Part 2 )

CNN Fake Footage: When Where and How did they film this?

"Don't forget! YOU have to tell everyone you know the TV networks aired fake video of animated planes striking the World Trade Center. They did this to to bring about world Fascism. The only way to stop and reverse what they have done is to expose the media's involvement in 911."

Help save America. Help stop a new world war from starting. No planes hit the World Trade Center!

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