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9/11 TV Fakery- Review: PeggyCarter on Jim Fetzer's "Dynamic Duo"

Review: PeggyCarter on Jim Fetzer's "Dynamic Duo"

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9/11 TV Fakery: ewing2001 gives 9.9 thumbs up for PeggyCarter on Fetzer Show

by ewing2001
May 16th, 2007

If Rosalee Grable was last weeks best historical roundup on the "no-planes" research ever, this weeks' PeggyCarter debut on Jim Fetzer was the best 9/11 TV Fakery roundup ever.

Wednesday's show was a firework on all the latest of 9/11 TV Fakery research and almost nothing was left out. Peggy Carter showed her usual skills compiling a list of recent highlights of 9/11 TV Fakery analysis and video- and research updates.

The first hour included a quick background on how Peggy Carter entered 9/11 activism and -research followed with a quick transition to her own work.

Carter presented a recently updated own blogspot called, which also links to the latest recent
'work' of StillDiggin, Fred aka BSReg, Killtown, ewing2001 aka Nico
Haupt, "Coffinman," "Genghis6199," "Skarecrow," and her own work incl.
investigative research on the so called *Whitehall Building
"Ghostplane"* background.

Peggy Carter also explained why an analysis of the media complicity
and mainstream media conditioning is so important for 9/11 research in
general and clearly also for 9/11 TV Fakery evidence.

Carter introduced the latest work of musician Andrew Lowe Watson who
compiled a mini series on (and youtube) about updated
9/11 Audio Fakery (*after the fact), which also includes an analysis
on contradictions, oddities, apparent dramatizations and further

Fetzer apparently followed all topics very closely but couldn't resist
to distract at some points with his own comparison on JFK footage
manipulations and the recent so called "BBC-WTC7" flop.

The Andrew Lowe Watson analysis was followed with more name droppings
and a list of her research compilation blog at
911researchlinks.blogspot, which also helped the listeners to follow
the different topics.

Carter expressed that recently some new "paradigm change" occurred
with new updated findings on how some particular footage was
recombined in real time....

more at this link.

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